It was once said that our generation would perish at the hands of beauty and style. Nowadays, people will do just about anything for the sake of looking good. It’s not uncommon to see people in their 60s and 70s taking anti-aging supplements. People of all ages, but especially the elderly, have been warned that using such products can have undesirable effects, including a more unnatural appearance. Some elderly females go so far as to break their own skin because they refuse to acknowledge the inevitable passage of time. 

Speaking of which, a picture of Thembi Seete has recently gone viral. Thembi is a well-known example of an elderly person who manages to look both fashionable and beautiful. This is the case because she regularly engages in physical activity and otherwise takes good care of her body. Her body is still flexible, and her face is still beautiful, so she can still dance like a teenager on Tick Tok.

There is always one telltale sign of old age. Some commenters on Thembi Seete’s viral photo pointed out that her hand appears old, with wrinkles and veins. Separate her face and hand and you might think it’s an elderly woman’s. This drew the ire and mockery of onlookers, who began treating her harshly. Some people even suggested that she had whitened her skin.

Thembi is an old lady, and I think that’s something people are forgetting. The passage of time has left its mark on her hand, and it’s not something to make fun of. Black Media appreciates all of the support it has received from its readers and viewers. We guarantee that every article we publish under the “beauty” tab will be both high-quality and informative. If you want us to improve and provide more of what you want, please keep liking, commenting, and giving us feedback.

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