They took my big brother” DJ Lamiez leaves Mzansi emotional as she shares moments with DJ Sumbody

The passing of DJ Sumbody affected a lot of people in Mzansi, those who were close to him and those who knew him. His passing came as a shock to many and a lot of people are struggling to accept that he is really gone. DJ Lamiez Holyworthy is one of the people who have been affected by DJ Sumbody’s passing.


Lamiez has been expressing how she’s struggling to come to terms that her mentor, colleague and brother is no long in this world. Taking to social media, Lamiez shared a video that left most viewers in their feelings. She documented some of her beautiful moments with the late star, which included how they grew together in the industry many years ago and how supportive they’ve been.

A lot of people were touched by DJ Lamiez Holyworthy’s recent post, leaving many of her followers emotional as she mentioned in her post that: “They took my big brother”. This is really heartbreaking, we pray that DJ Lamiez Holyworthy finds healing as she doesn’t need to be stressed because of her pregnancy. Share your thoughts below.

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