WATCH: Musa Mseleku And Wife Joke About Him Dating Babes Wodumo

Musa Mseleku And Wife Joke About Him Dating Babes Wodumo

Musa Mseleku And Wife Joke About Him Dating Babes Wodumo.

In their most recent video, Musa Mseleku and his wife MaCele made fun of Musa Mseleku dating Babes Wodumo, which caused a controversy. His 6000 followers have watched the video, and 200 of them have left comments expressing their opinions.

Following a slight stroke in December, Babes Wodumo recently lost her spouse Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo. The reality stars of Uthando Nesthembu appear to make fun of Ngeke, Shimora’s most recent song, which was named Song Of The Year for 2022, in their most recent video.

So many people have been debating the actual lyrics of Mampintsha’s verse. While others hear “Yinj’ uMseleku” which translates to ‘Mseleku is a dog’, others say it’s “Ung’ jutheleni.” The actual lyrics of the song say “Ung’jikiseleni” which means ‘why did you turn me away?”

DJ Tira also made it clear during his burial that the songs have nothing to do with Mseleku, contrary to popular belief.

The pair was arguing over whether the muso really meant to imply that Mseleku is a dog and why he would say such a thing. MaCele made light of the situation by joking that perhaps Musa wanted Babes Wodumo.

“He said you are a dog, so we want to know why is he saying that? He called you a dog while he was still alive. Now we can see why. You are a dog. You want Babes?” MaCele joked.

When Mseleku laughed, his wife questioned what he had done to Mampintsha. Mseleku chuckled and responded that he had never claimed to be mesmerized by Babes’ eyes.

Jokes aside though, Mseleku said he is friends with the couple, “Mampintsha is my friend, Babes is my friend.”


Do you think Babes would make a good 5th wife?

When it came to taking wife number 5, Musa Mseleku disregarded the terms of his wives.

“I am old now I won’t be able to handle another person problems, Musa played me too much when I was Young until now when am old,” she said on their reality show.

MaYeni instructed him to get another wife before their anniversary, “I gave Musa a timeframe to marry as many wives as possible but he had to do this before our 20th anniversary,” she said. “Now that we’ve reached 20 years of marriage, he cannot get married to another wife. If one of us dumps him, he cannot take another wife.”

“I have called a number of meetings both as a collective and individually, I’ve expressed the feeling that the request has been rejected. My plan is to keep presenting the same thing in a different way or persuade, up until I get a collective agreement in a sense that everyone is happy about it because I wouldn’t want anyone to leave me because of that decision,” Musa told TshisaLIVE

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