After leaving Jub-Jub with a side woman, a girl who frequents Uyajola99 has got all of South Africa talking.

Every time we check in on Jub-Jub in Uyajola99, we notice that his job is getting more and more hazardous. It is imperative that his safety be preserved at whatever cost. The South African violation known as Uyajola99 infraction After receiving a letter from a woman who suspected that her partner was cheating on her with another woman, Jub-Jub found himself in a sticky situation as a result of the letter.

Jub-Jub has been spreading the word that people should refrain from cheating because he will not hold back from revealing their infidelity if their partners write for him. In the most recent episode of Uyajola99, Jub-Jub gets into a scrape with a man after the man causes him to spin his car and comes dangerously close to causing an accident. The man and his girlfriend had been together for seven years when the man made the decision to cheat on his girlfriend

After ten seconds, the main girlfriend and her boyfriend leave again, and on their way out, the boyfriend crashes into one of the cars parked near the parking lot while he is reversing. After that, they flee the scene (a “Hit and Run”). After the complaint leaves him with sidechick, Jub-Jub was left dumbfounded and unable to respond.

It is unclear how Jub-Jub managed to solve the problem of sidechick with relation to the transit issues. At the very conclusion of the show, the sidechick was shown crying because she still cannot believe that she has been abandoned in the middle of nowhere with no means of transportation.

“R800k loss”: Jub Jub allegedly ruined an artists festival

It has been reported that Keabetswe Mokoena intends to sue the host of “Uyajola 99,” Jub Jub, for allegedly costing her approximately R800,000 for an arts festival.

Keabetswe Mokoena, an event organizer, is reportedly suing Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye, her business partner and the host of Uyajola 99, after he allegedly cost her more than R800,000 for a botched arts festival in the Northwest province. The festival was held in the Northwest province.

‘JUB JUB SUED R800 000?’

Maarohanye was offered protection by the event organizer, Keabetswe Mokoena, after the Uyajola 99 host Jub Jub allegedly cursed at her, called her names, and threatened her way of life. Mokoena is accusing Jub Jub of costing her more than R800,000 for the botched festival. Mokoena is also serving as Maarohanye’s protector.

City Press has learned that the businessperson in question has given her legal team, Monyai Tshilidzi Attorneys, instructions to hand deliver a letter of demand to the individual in question along with the protection order. She claims that the media personality sent her threatening text messages through WhatsApp, in which he called her a whore and insulted her. He also allegedly threatened her life.

“Stop sending our client messages on WhatsApp stating that she does not know people and that you will show her who you are and that you will show her who you are… Our customer has disclosed to us that she is petrified as a result of the messages of threats and intimidation that you continue to send her, which include a death threat.

“[Stop] calling our client a “bitch” and insulting her in a WhatsApp group by making references to her mother’s private parts… “[Stop] sending her voice notes on WhatsApp threatening to kill her and/or interfere with her company.”

t is believed that Mokoena and Maarohanye are co-directors of a nonprofit organization called the Raah Foundation. This organization was supposed to host a two-day Moses Kotane Arts Festival at Moruleng Stadium over the past weekend. However, the festival was canceled.

As a result of the last-minute decision to postpone the festival for a variety of reasons, musicians Sibongile Mngoma, Stoan Seate, Focalistic, and Amaroto were unable to perform at the event.

In a statement, Maarohanye made the claim that he decided not to participate in the festival because Mokoena wanted to use his name to acquire money from specific individuals and underpay the artists.

“When I first started this initiative, my goal was to help heal broken dreams and elevate the arts in the neighborhood of Moses Kotane, which is home to a large number of young people who have given up hope. I was under the impression that if I worked together with a select group of people, we could make that vision a reality, but that was not the case,” he stated.

“The guy who I considered to be my business partner made the decision to use my identity in order to extort money from key individuals and mislead people by making false claims, which brought discredit to my brand,”

The charges made by the TV host have been refuted by the event organizer, who has also asked the TV host’s company, Moja Love, to become involved.

KEABETSWE MOKOENA stated that the festival’s intention was to stimulate the local economy.

Keabetswe Mokoena has stated this week to City Press that the main problem during the preparations was caused by the rapper Jub Jub Maarohanye, who frustrated the organizing team. This information was provided by Mokoena.

The presenter of Uyajola 99 is accused of making the event about himself, switching musicians, taking money for products that he did not provide, and missing interviews.

“The festival was supposed to boost the economy and tourism and uplift new talent, particularly in Moses Kotane Local Municipality and Moruleng, but things started going pear-shaped when Jub Jub began bringing new people into the project. This was particularly problematic because the festival was supposed to uplift new talent. He began deceiving others and stealing their money, but he never put it to its intended purpose.

Two weeks ago, he made the announcement that there would be no charge for the festival tickets. On the other hand, given that we have departments helping us with the festival, it is impossible for a single person to make snap judgments like that on their own. “I couldn’t handle his behavior, but little did I know that everything would just fall apart,” she said. “His behavior was too much.”

“On the day before the event, he created a video in which he cursed out the mayor of Moses Kotane,” the sentence reads.

According to reports, Maarohanye deceived people of the community by claiming that the event had obtained finance in the amount of R20 million.

“How? Even departments within the government typically do not contribute so much money to a single organization. Everyone who does business with them is required to discuss it among themselves. Mokoena explained, “I did not receive anything from the government.”

She explained that after that, members of the community prevented her from entering the stadium. “When they locked the gates and prevented us from entering, I imagined that, because I’d been defending Jub Jub, he’d do the same for me when they closed the gates.”

Mokoena stated that the organization of the event cost her a total of R800 000. The funds were intended to be put toward the payment of festival promoters and artists, as well as the purchase of promotional materials and other essential festival necessities.

“However, payment for only sixty percent of all of these charges was received. Some of the artists only received a fraction of what they were owed for their services.

“I have been receiving calls from many of those with whom I have a relationship, such as Stoan, who said everything was alright and that he wouldn’t pursue the matter – but I don’t expect other artists, who could have taken reservations for that busy weekend, to understand what happened. “At the end of the day, this is all business,” she remarked.

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