Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub is jealous that Kelly Khumalo has moved on

TV host Jub Jub appears to have taken another shot at his estranged baby mama Kelly Khumalo, and he is continuing to do so in a way that is likely to irritate her.

Last week, Kelly made the decision to confirm her pregnancy by publicly revealing her growing baby bump on various social media platforms. This came after it was reported that she is going to have a baby.

Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub is jealous that Kelly Khumalo has moved on

Jub Jub shared a post on Instagram that caused his followers and other people to wonder about the relevance of the post’s timing. “I wonder how many pregnancies will come out this December,” the host of Uyajola 9/9 wrote.

Uyajola9/9 presenter Jub Jub is jealous that Kelly Khumalo has moved on

His followers dragged him in the comments section for allegedly making fun of Kelly Khumalo, who is expecting a child. Kelly Khumalo is expecting. Others have stated that he is still fixated on Kelly despite the fact that the two of them are no longer together

isa160882 “Unedrama wena… A lot of shade.”

untokie “Ucalile ufuna ukukhipha amanye amapublic apology neh😂😂😂.”

Was this some sort of sly dig at Kelly that you made? It is common knowledge that Kelly and Jub Jub do not compete for the favors of one another.

They have been at odds with one another for a very long time regarding their son Christian’s upbringing. Their conflict became known to the general public through her reality show titled Life With Kelly after it had escalated over the course of several years.

In one of the episodes, Kelly confronted him about the fact that he was a slacker parent. Kelly was irritated after reading Jub Jub’s post on Valentine’s Day, in which he wished her a happy Mother’s Day rather than a happy Valentine’s Day. In spite of our differences, I would like to wish a happy mother’s day to the woman who carried and delivered my son into this world.

Kelly didn’t acknowledge it, and she didn’t even react to it; instead, she said, “Christian’s father, who has done me so dirty, God has blessed me to not even bump into him.” Everyone is wishing all of the mothers in the world a happy mother’s day, and then boom! The father of Christian”

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