AKA: Psychic Predicts What Happened to AKA and Who Ordered Hit, Says Details Are in Late Rapper’s Phone

There are many theories surrounding AKA’s death, and many people have been accused of ordering the hit Social media users have pointed fingers at Anele Tembe’s father, Moses Tembe, while others believe one of his friends knew about the murder A popular psychic has also shared thoughts on the matter, saying a wealthy man is the one who ordered the rapper’s assassination PAY ATTENTION: Celebrate South African innovators, leaders and trailblazers with us! Click to check out Women of Wonder 2022 by Briefly News! AKA’s untimely death has left South Africa reeling in pain and confusion. People have been scouring social media, trying to find answers and closure.

Others have gone through the graphic CCTV video trending online, trying to piece together some information that can be useful to the family and the police


Psychic claims powerful person ordered AKA’s death A Twitter post on social media shows a psychic with a page named Unsolved Cases _ Hosted by Psychic Medium Diva, who narrates what happened to the rapper.

Per the post, AKA had been warned never to set foot in Durban, but he ignored the warning and booked a gig in the city. It further stated that a woman saw Mega’s posts and alerted those who wanted him dead, and they started tracking him. The post read: “The person who ordered the hit is very wealthy, moves in powerful circles, detests AKA and blames him completely for Anele’s death. The main person who originally called the hit will not be exposed, he is protected, untouchable


“Someone else will take the blame, and be arrested. This will come as a surprise. A female is the one who alerted about AKA and his posts showing where he was. The two shooters are killers, hitmen who received a huge amount of money each


AKA shooting: Don Design suspected of betraying rapper because of dodgy behaviour on CCTV footage In more entertainment news, Briefly News reported that AKA’s fans are working hard to solve the rapper’s murder and have been spending hours looking at the clip of his final seconds on earth. Many of them said AKA’s close friend, Don Design, should be considered a suspect based on his body language in the CCTV footage. A tweleb @AdvoBarryRoux led the discussion on Twitter and said Don’s behaviour seemed dodgy before AKA was shot in the head.


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