Photo : people are saying AKA would still be alive

10 February 2023 Kiernan Forbes was killed along with his close friend, the chef, and entrepreneur Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane. They were shot outside a restaurant by a hitman at close range.

Aka’s death is still a shock to many people and how it happened especially since he had a bodyguard. People’s question is how did the hitman get so close to Aka and shot him, without anyone releasing that aka’s life was in danger.


A guy by the name of Bandile Gordon Ramaphosa took to his social media to share a post that caused a stir, below is what the guy posted’: if Carlito was there AKAs original bodyguard, I am sure AKA was gonna survive the hit. This man is so well organized, sometimes you couldn’t even take a photo with AKA without Carlito searching for you.

He also added saying at some point Carlito would search all the people who wanted to take a photo with AKA before you take the photo that’s how strict he was and I don’t wanna speak about Don’s design. I fear for his life he might be in danger because a lot of people think he’s behind the hit 😑😑😑😑.



This boy has BEEN mad since our high school days, I’ve NEVER seen him smile #RIPAKA.



After seeing this post people started commenting someone commented saying, We understand people are sad over the death of AKA, saying if things were done differently, Aka would still be alive.

It’s not easy but people need to understand that AKA is no more, and nothing can be done to bring him back. But the only thing that needs to be done is to find his killer so that justice will be served for his family.


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