Tony Forbes crying when AKA’s body arrived in Johannesburg

Tony Forbes is brother of Keirnan Forbes also know by his stage name AKA, Tony was spotted crying the day his brother’s body arrived in Johannesburg after he was brutally shot in Durban.


The death of Keirnan Forbes left family fans and friends femotional to traumatized after the death was announced and when the footage surfeced on how he was shot, AKA was a father to Kario Forbes, he was a son and a brother to Tony Forbes.

The send of AKA was reported that it will be private but fans can attend the memorial service on the 17th, apperently tickets where sold out after 3 hours it was announced that his memorial service tickets are bought where and how.

The young man deserves to send off in dignity and the family of Forbes have been receiving condolences from fans and colleagues, to comfort them in this time of pain.

He deserves justice and his family will have closure when the police come with the man that shot him.

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