AKA’s father who allegedly went to lay flowers a the spot where his son died

There are pictures and videos of AKA’s father, friends, and also those who are fellow musicians that have been trending as they went to lay flowers at the spot where he was killed/died.

This shows that a lot of people have been touched by the death of this young man, and they believe that the police officers in the Republic of South Africa will do all they can to try and solve this murder case and arrest those who caused this pain.

There are a lot of murder cases in the Republic of South Africa that have been opened every single day and it is up to law enforcement to make sure that they investigate thoroughly and arrest the perpetrators.

This is because if they do not do that then those who committed the crimes will feel like they can do anything that they want. May the soul of Kiernan Forbes continue to rest in peace and comfort to all his family and friends.

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