DJ Zinhle bids farewell to AKA | She snippets of AKA and Kairo’s

Popularly known as DJ Zinhle, Ntombezinhle Jiyane is a South African media personality who is best known for holding the title of being Africa’s number one best female disc jockey. She is one of the women who are described as powerhouses because of balancing work, mom life and being a wife.

The reality television star and cast member of The Unexpected has also been affected by tragic loss of AKA because he shares a daughter with him. Born on the 8th of July in 2015, Kairo Owethu Forbes is the 7-year-old firstborn daughter of DJ Zinhle and AKA who was made out of love whilst the two artists were still a unit. They have shared memorable moments together and



have always made sure she was raised with both love and care. It is known that Kairo Owethu Forbes was more close to her paternal family compared to her maternal family hence she was more close to AKA than she is with DJ Zinhle. The beautiful

baby girl spends most of her time with the Forbes family as she officially lives with them. She has a lot of cute videos with his dad posted on her Instagram account. After so many hours of being silent since the sad news of AKA’s death circulate on social networking sites, DJ Zinhle has finally reacted and bid farewell to her baby daddy. As Mzansi is worried about Kairo losing her dad in a cruel manner, DJ Zinhle posted last moments of Kairo with her dad. She is obviously saddened by AKA losing his life like that, leaving Kairo very traumatised and with a lot of difficult questions to answer.

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