Look what this guy was spotted doing on a dinner table with AKA

This guy is at a dinner table with other people who are having fun, but he looks sad and is deep in thought. @saps, we can’t keep looking into things forever. It’s popular. He was either being watched or someone told him where they were.

Cyril Ramaphosa is a useless president. His fans and followers knew where he was supposed to be yesterday because he posted his location on Instagram.


The woman on the corner just looked at the famous person, as far as I could tell. But the guy is thinking hard, and he knows how heavy the night is. He can’t look him in the face. Party mood zero Why? The man was probably feeling uneasy, and maybe his ghost was trying to talk to him. After all, the shooter was probably in the same house.

Some people are always like that, but they don’t mean to be. I’m always like that, too, but I have to drink about three shots of alcohol before I can feel like myself. Maybe he set up the hit on AKA and thinks he’s having the last supper with him. If that’s the case, he’s Judas, and he needs to be brought in to be questioned.

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