Babes Wodumo penned a heartbreaking message for her husband; take a look at what she wrote

The loss of Mampintsha has affected the majority of us, but Babes Wodumo seems to be suffering more than anyone else. Although Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo’s love was fantastic and an example to many, the two did have their disagreements. Babes Wodumo’s life revolved around Mampintsha.

A photo of Babes Wodumo was recently shared on Facebook.



In a post titled “Letter for My Spouse in Heaven,” Babes Wodumo expressed her deep sadness over the loss of her husband, Mampintsha. Her heartbreak over his passing was documented in an emotional letter she wrote:

A woman’s daily updates on her shattered heart show just how excruciating her suffering is; there are too many words to depict how she feels, and yet no words are adequate to describe it. The recent photographs of Babes Wodumo, with her face swollen and her eyes flaming, are particularly sad.
Babes Wodumo had been struggling with substance misuse not too long ago. This pain has the potential to undo all of her hard work, and I fear that she will relapse into substance misuse as a result of it. Everyone will scatter after the funeral, leaving her to deal with her loss in alone. All we can do is hope that she doesn’t make any choices that could endanger her life.

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