Barbie in pink was involved in a car accident

Barbie B, who is known for having a pink vehicle and also wears the same colour, was involved in a car accident. It is with high hopes that she is going well after the accident, in which her car was badly smashed from the front. It has not been known where she was going or at what speed she was driving.

In a previous moment, she was stopped by the police, who were doing their work, but she was not happy because apparently they had stopped her because of the colour of the vehicle. When you change the colour of your car, it must correspond and be updated at the traffic department. If not done, it would cause problems because the car you are driving would not be the one recorded at the department.

That is something that people should know the moment they are respraying their vehicles. From that moment on, when she was stopped by the police, she said they should not stop her because she is not from the Limpopo province and does not want to lose her complexion because of being exposed to the sun a lot.

The two police officers told her that they were only doing their job. When you are being stopped by the traffic police, you should cooperate, and in that way, you may not take long with them. But then, with Barbie, she was being against them, which may have been the wrong way to engage with the police.


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