Nadia Nakai finally cries out : ‘I’ve been so unlucky with love’

Nadia Nakai has cried out about her love journey, saying she had been unlucky and would not do it again.

A few months ago, Nadia lost her boyfriend, AKA, in a gunshot firing in Durban, and that was her final blow.Unfortunately, not many people can understand the pain of losing a loved one, but Nadia does.

Anyway, it seemed that Nadia did not only lose AKA in her journey seeking a soul mate.

She seemed to have lost many lovers before and doesn’t see herself doing it again.

t seemed this was the final nail to her coffin of finding love; she had buried everything and didn’t want to lose it again.

A mere breakup would have been probably better for Nadia, but sudden and unexpected death is nothing better.

After sharing on Twitter, she left many fans in tears, but some have encouraged her.

Fans showed her how much they loved her and asked her to continue healing so that love would find her.

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