Both the DJ, DJ Sumbody, and his two bodyguards were killed in a shooting.


Reputable South African DJ Sumbody was reportedly killed in the wee hours of Sunday morning after being shot multiple times.

According to the reports, the DJ was shot while he was leaving the News Cafe in Woodmead to go to his next performance.

He and his two bodyguards were all shot at the same time.


JUST IN. Sadly, Dj Sumbody has passed away….. sources Imagine that he was leaving newscafe woodmead in order to play somewhere else. Both the hitmaker behind “Monate mpolaye,” “Suka emabhozeni,” “iyamemeza,” and “Azul,” as well as the owner of Ayepyep, were murdered in the same incident. His driver was also murdered.

Even though his family or the police who are investigating the incident have not officially confirmed the news, Twitter is already buzzing with speculation about it.

As fans respond to the news about DJ Somebody’s passing, the topic of DJ Somebody has quickly risen to the top of today’s trending topics

This is a developing story…. stay tuned for further information

Sumbody discusses amapiano and all things related to it


The summer of 2018, when “Monate Mpolaye” was released, will go down as one that a lot of groovists will never forget.

Gqom was still at the height of its popularity, and this mid-tempo song was a welcome change of pace from the high-octane nature of the Durban-born music genre that was known as gqom at the time.

“Monate Mpolaye” was in many ways the forerunner to the dominance of amapiano, which is the new dominant genre with a multitude of new songs dropping every week at this stage. In many ways, “Monate Mpolaye” was the precursor to the domination of amapiano.

We talked to DJ Sumbody, one of the pioneers of amapiano and one of the people responsible for popularizing the genre, about amapiano, the challenges that entertainers are facing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the reasons why amapiano is becoming more popular in other countries.

When asked about the reasons behind the genre’s meteoric rise to popularity in Mzansi, he responded by saying, “It’s simply because it’s our sound, and it’s quite unique.” It’s got dance moves, it’s quite catchy, and the hooks speak to the community of South Africa.” “It’s got dance moves, it’s quite catchy, and it speaks to the community of South Africa.”

When asked about the significance of the song, he responded by saying, “‘Monate Mpolaye’ is one of the songs that opened the (ama)piano genre.” “Monate Mpolaye” was a true cultural reset at the time it was released, and when he was asked about the influence of the song, he said the following: Especially considering that it includes kwaito legends like Thebe who come from different backgrounds. In addition, the (ama)piano track features Cassper Nyovest, a hip hop artist who plays the instrument. It was uncommon for hip hop artists to jump on an amapiano track before, but it really opened the floodgates for that sound.

The concept of working together to create a single track in the hopes of having it become a hit is ingrained deeply in the culture of the genre, leading to artists from outside the genre contributing to songs.

DJ Sumbody said the following in response to a question about who artists he would like to work with: “I’m looking at Africa right now, Wizkid, Davido, and even a Jay Z I wouldn’t mind on a piano piece.”

Because of the widespread coronavirus epidemic, the entertainment industry has been dealt a significant blow. Specifically, because for a significant amount of time people were unable to gather at entertainment places, which resulted in a large number of DJs, musicians, and the individuals who work with them being unemployed. Seeing as how live performances were their primary means of financial support.

When discussing this topic, Sumobody argues that the epidemic had a significant influence on artists because the majority of their money comes from bars, restaurants, and other aspects of the nightlife. They were forced to make this adjustment because, in the early phases of the lockdown, people were relying on streaming to satisfy their need for rhythm while they were cooped up indoors.

In addition, he notes that because life was so difficult during that era, artists had to discover other ways to get money in order to survive.

The popularity of amapiano has sparked an ongoing discussion on which musical genre, gqom or amapiano, is superior.

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