Condolences: This 35 year old SA celebrity was allegedly found lying dead on her bed

The 35 year old Metro FM and Daily Thetha anchor was found dead at her home in Polofields north of Johannesburg this afternoon. Shongwe was found dead by neighbours who alerted the police.

It is said she was found lying dead on her bed and with no signs of any injuries.





It is very sad that we are losing our celebrities, most of those which are very effective in what they are doing. You realise that from the age of 35 to 40 most of our celebrities they pass on. It will be a blessing to get a celebrity who dies above the age of 50.

Most of our celebrities are not reaching that age and you would wonder why? You would ask yourself a lot of questions whether this is connected to someone spiritual commitments or what, but we really need to pray for our celebrities. May God give them life, may her soul rest in peace, and may he family be comforted.

Thank you

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