Julius Malema is saddened by the death of a woman he regards as his sister (Pearl Shongwe).

The caring organisation is known to be Julius Malema’s economic Freedom Fighters. When there are situations that affect the people of this country, they are always willing to lend a hand, but when it comes to death, we all know that the best we can do is comfort the deceased’s loved ones.Julius Malema posted a picture with the caption “Sister” on one of his social media platforms. The picture featured Julius Malema and the late Pearl Shongwe; she was standing next to him while he was performing a DJ set. It appears that Julius Malema remembers this photograph, and every time he views it, Pearl Shongwe will come to mind.

It is very important to take pictures when you are with the people you love the most, as I have learned from what happened to Pearl that life is not guaranteed and you never know when someone will be taken from you. It is important to always have something that could remind us of those who have left us behind, such as pictures of them when they were happy, because there are many ways a person can die without getting sick, such as in a car accident, during a robbery, or in many other ways.

DJ Fresh, a well-known DJ, also expressed his condolences to his former colleague.Between sobs and smudged eyeliner, the speaker said, “I will never forget this day because it was here that I witnessed your genuine love for your community.” “Rest in peace,” DJ Fresh said.

The death of Pearl has left many South Africans in mourning, as evidenced by the following social media posts:

Puseletso stated that she met Pearl at the Replenishment Concert roughly two weeks ago. They exchanged a few words, and when she referred to her as Aunty Pearl, she wore a broad smile. She never imagined that would be the last time she would see her or receive a hug from her.

“This is a very difficult problem. Her wit, humour, and intelligence made our mornings and afternoons enjoyable. Lefika said, “Rest peacefully, dear sister.”

https://twitter.com/Julius S Malema/status/1590096389996150785?t=m7qT0umvP k8CaH1AQ1jFg&s=19

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