A fairy-tale wedding it was but it appears the drama has only began for Dintle Nyathi and Reginald Pheko. While the streets are still talking about the weeding, Dintle’s mother being a runaway mother-in-law is the beginning of the end of her daughter’s marriage.

After years of struggling to find true love, following the ending of her relationship with Quinton Nyathi. Dintle has rather channeled all her energy into her work, being a devoted mother to her daughter and a loving and supportive friend to her friends.

But when Khanyi’s new art teacher came into the picture and swept Dintle Nyathi off of her feet. Wedding bells shortly followed as the pair are now officially Mr and Mrs Reginald Pheko. However, with Dintle’s mother being a run away mother of the mother, that on its own set off all the alarms.

The revelations that will shock scores of people including both Dintle and her new husband is that, Reginald Pheko is actually Dintle Nyathi’s father.
“After years of struggling to find love, it seems Dintle has finally met her prince in Reginald Pheko.

“Come and witness their “happily ever after “ tonight ka 19:30”

After years of struggling to find love, it seems Dintle has finally met her prince charming in Reginald Pheko.😍 💍

Come and witness their ‘happily ever after’ tonight at 19:30… #etvscandal #DidisFairytale pic.twitter.com/8RFev0OHWR

— Scandal! (@etvScandal) January 24, 2023
I would like to make a toast to our beautiful couple! 😍#etvscandal #DidisFairytale💍pic.twitter.com/R2WGdh9DAX

— Scandal! (@etvScandal) January 24, 2023
Pasi is a mother to a baby girl and a wife. She hardly ever posts about her husband on social media as she prefers to keep her love life away from the public eye.

The flawless actress’ journey as an entertainer started from humble beginnings,

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In an interview on Kaya FM, the actress shared a bit about her first time in Johannesburg and it was just a lot to digest in one go.

“The first day, we came with a train because I couldn’t afford a bus and it’s like 9 or 10 hours just sitting there. There was a lady sitting next to me and the baby was crying, the baby pooped and it was just a long trip.”

Pasi revealed how much of a hassle it was to also get herself to her commune once she arrived in the city of gold.

“We didn’t know which taxi to get from where, because there was Noord and then there was Bree, I didn’t want to look around because people were going to be like; ‘Aah this girl, where is she from?’ So it was so interesting.”

Her first day at school in Jozi was such a culture shock because it was there where she realised that almost everyone had a car and she didn’t.

“The first day at school (U.J) I got in and everyone has a car and I didn’t, but what’s nice about it is that I never placed any unnecessary pressure on me because I knew that my mom couldn’t buy me a car but it was interesting and I’m glad I went through all of that as I’m now a stronger woman because of every single thing that I went through.”

Pasi struggled to find a job after graduating. She revealed this in an interview with Lasizwe.

“My journey wasn’t easy…I studied acting and also coming to Joburg wasn’t easy because my mom didn’t have money to bring me this side to study, but you know what? I told myself: ‘I’m not gonna give up’, I came to study this side, I graduated, and then I struggled to get jobs…I was a promo girl, at the malls and the clubs, I was working at the call center, I was a receptionist at some construction company…the last job that I had was at Markhams in Sandton City, I started as a packer then I went into being a cashier…”

She added that after quitting her job and struggling to get through to auditions, keeping her hair natural helped her land her first advertisement gig.

“…I thought to myself, the only way for me to get to do what I love, is for me to quit and go for auditions, and that’s what I did and I didn’t get auditions, and then, my agent sent me to an audition for some ad [advertisement], so I told myself: ‘Let me try something different, let me cut my hair and go to auditions with my natural hair and I did that and I got my ad and then I kept on getting adverts, after adverts.’

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