SABC Livhu’s Wife Mia Muofhe Passed Away.

The wife of a famous Venda comedian was found dead in their yard early this morning. This comes the day after Mia Muofhe dropped all the charges of abuse by her husband and SABC Livhu was a free man.



Mia Muofhe Live last year and confessed that SABC Livhu once tried to her and no one would know how she died. “SABC Livhu would beat me with a sugar cane like a snake found in the yard” says Mia Muofhe “He once put Muofhe in his Dog’s house and it mauled her, She has a scar for it” she continued.

Now the question in everyone’s Lips is “Did SABC Livhu kill Mia Muofhe” because that’s how an abusive relationship end.die on the first attempt; signs are always there. You will find that a person is holding on to an abusive marriage just because she still has hope that the husband will change and be a better man. Those who know well say a leopard never changes its spots, so to all my sisters out there, if a man ever lays a hand on you, get out of that relationship.A few weeks ago,

we were all shocked after the wife of a famous Limpopo comedian, livhuwani Masadzhe, dropped the gender-based violence charges against her husband. This came after her husband beat her up with a sugar cane and also burned her buttocks with a hot iron. This woman has been in an abusive marriage for a very long time, and when people tell her to walk away, she instead bashes them and tells them to stay out of her family business. Just a few weeks ago, livhuwani was having an affair with a teenager, and she still decided to stay in that relationship, although she knew about the affair.

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