Dr Malinga Lambasts Makhadzi For Ill Treating Him

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Musician Dr Malinga has left no stones unturned as he calls out Makhadzi for ill treating him. This comes after he was invited to perform at Makhadzi’s One Woman Show in Limpopo last year.

Musician Makhadzi is under fire following the damning accusations leveled against her by Dr Malinga. After Dr Malinga was at loggerheads with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). Makhadzi came guns blazing to rescue him by inviting him to perform at her One Woman Show in October, last year.

When scores of people were singing Makhadzi’s praises for looking after fellow musicians, Dr Malinga now shares different sentiments about her. Taking to Facebook, Dr Malinga has called out Makhadzi for dealing him a bad card.

“Makhadzi stop using people for your own benefit, God is watching you damnit” wrote Dr Malinga

In a series of posts on Facebook, Dr Makhadzi has called out Makhadzi for using his name to promote her One Woman Show. Evidently, this was during the time when the whole country was supporting Dr Malinga while he was at war with the tax man.

Following Makhadzi taking to social media to publicly invite Dr Malinga, everybody saw her as the angel on earth. As it stands, Dr Malinga is calling the Limpopo queen for being two faced and sing him for her own gain.

Dr Malinga  wrote “Let me count I never ate anything at your show….no drinks I’ll go live soon to tell people that you promised you wont exploit me,promoters treat me better than you did.”

Dr Malinga  wrote “I’ll tell people the whole story when i go live soon.”

Dr Malinga  wrote “You only wanted to promote your show using my name mxm”

Dr Malinga  wrote “Is not that i hate you NO just your attitude”

Dr Malinga  wrote “No accommodation for thee Dr Malinga”

Facebook users have since shown their support to Dr Malinga. Meanwhile at the same token other users have lambasted Dr Malinga for using Makhadzi’s name for PR. As it stands, only Dr Malinga and Makhadzi knows what exactly transpired at Makhadzi’s One Woman Show. However, fans for both musicians are already going head to head to defend their own.

Makhadzi Muimbi Uri Yoshoma wrote “My brother I respect you , besides being a musician you are a father a husband to your wife . I don’t know if this for your PR stunt or what cz you have my number. If you talking about my show . You are the only first person to recieve it because I was touched by your story, I made sure I take my own money from my own pocket and pay you cz my business patners were refusing to add more people in my line up. So if you got paid what else are you cryng for? If there’s more I think you stl have my number”

Musa Mathebula wrote “Kanti there is no legal documents accompanying bookings with terms of when a person must be paid. Hey ku Yoweee, but anyway the best is to call each other and resolve. Social won’t necessarily help but people will have something to keep their day, ke January bagolo.”

Makhadzi have not issued a statement to clear Dr Malinga’s accusations.

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