It is true when they say that death always takes the ones that we love most—it always takes the good and kindhearted ones, which is why it hurts most. Death is one of the cruelest things; it leaves an unforgettable mark in our hearts and takes away the people we love forever. However, we live in hope since the Bible says one day death shall be no more, we will have endless life, and all those we lost will come back to life. That’s the only thing that gives us hope that one day we will see our loved ones again.


South Africans are shocked by the death of a famous sangoma, who is well known as Gogo Manzini from Pretoria. Gogo Manzini is well known for her stylish dance moves. She is one of the ladies who were full of life; she was always clean and dancing; she loved partying. Many people know her for dancing and for being a sangoma. She is one of the modern sangomas, and you wouldn’t believe she’s a sangoma if you saw her. All over Pretoria, no one knows her.

Gogo Manzini died a very painful death. I know we all don’t choose how to die, but honestly, the way she died is one of the most unforgettable things. She was shot in the face on Tuesday night as she was coming from a party; there is a trending video of her laying down on a pool of blood with two bullet holes in her face. It is not even clear what happens or what was the motive for killing her.

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