Emotional scenes at the Memorial Service of ‘ DJ Sumbody ‘ narrated in pictures

Nobody thought that people would gather together mourning DJ Sumbody on the 23rd of November 2022 , but it did happen. After his brutal killing on Sunday , friends and relatives gathered in Pretoria for the Memorial service of ” DJ Sumbody ” .The venue for the memorial service of Oupa Sefoka was held in Centurion.



It was emotional as the mother of the deceased businessman and artist walked into the venue . She was in tears as she was being held by people around her . The mother was struggling to walk to where she was going to be seated , hence getting some assistance .

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As seen in the pictures above ,the colour white was selected for the memorial service .One of the speakers at the memorial service was Junior Taurus . He was of the view that ” DJ Sumbody” had a great personality and that : ” you could never stay mad at him for long . ”

On the day ” DJ Sumbody ” tragically lost his life , he was supposed to have an All-White party . The guests fulfilled his wish and made their way to the memorial service dressed in white .

Still on the deceased , part of the guests at the memorial service was his business partner , Kagiso Setsetse . He described ” DJ Sumbody ” as someone with a great personality and leadership qualities

There was Vettys as well , who narrated how he met “DJ Sumbody and how he assisted him . He revealed how the deceased rose to fame and how his mother assisted him .The late DJ was described as a best friend and someone whom he used to gossip with .

Cassper Nyovest was one of the artists who took to the podium to narrate how he worked with the deceased . He narrated how the deceased was a straight talker . He added that when they did the song ” Monate Mpolaye ” , he did it because DJ Sumbody wanted it .

The siblings of the deceased had a chance to share their thoughts and feelings as well . ” Our hearts are broken . ” This was how the siblings painfully described how they were feeling about the passing of ” DJ Sumbody ” . They added that the alleged killers had no idea of the pain they caused them .

The brother of ” DJ Sumbody ” , Koketso was of the view that the killings had to stop . He said that it was worrying to note how club killers were being killed in Pretoria on a regular basis . He advised them to note that what did not belong to them , would never belong to them.

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