Last night we received some very disturbing information regarding the sad passing of Tebogo, she sadly lost her life in a horrific accident unfortunately she lost her life on the spot.

Karaba gave her one of the most touching tributes regarding her sister, she was loving and she cared deeply about her family.

Karabo started I hope you feel at peace just like you made me feel peace, Rest in peace big sister you’ve always given me everything I’ve ever wanted.





Her loved ones are traumatized by the whole experience and even went as far as stating that the year 2022 has been cruel towards them. The heartache and the tears won’t go away, they feel robbed by losing a soul like Tebogo.

Tebogo was but of a bikers club, we need to learn from her mistake of being a biker you’re putting your life at risk. Those are dangerous

According to the statement that was released by her friends and family she lost her precious life on the 21st of November 2022. She was involved in a horrific accident unfortunately she never made it out alive.

Rest in peace Tebogo. Bikers these streets are not safe for you. People are drunk n driving. Or driving whilst on their phones. These SA streets are not safe for Bikers. If you are reading this tweet. Stop Biking

Rest in peace Tebogo. If I remember well her father was also a biker and also had a bike accident that claimed his life. I love bikes but I’m scared now Biking is not safe at all anything can happen on the roads, let’s normalize praying before going out, returning home alive is one the most underrated blessings about life.


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