People who live a life which they are able to influence the masses get to still do it while their living days come to an end, with their names and influence on people still being in motion even from the grave.


South Africans were brought to their knees when their favourite rapper AKA, who’s real name was Kiernan Forbes was gunned down in the busy Florida road in Durban on 10 February this year when he went there for a gig at a popular night club. His death shattered a lot of people and most could not believe that the rapper was no more.

Even now after his death, AKA is very much loved by his fans who warmly recieved his last album titled “Mass Country” which was scheduled to be released two weeks before he let his ultimate death at the hands of unknown gunmen.

Now people are strarting to find their own way of being close to the rapper through his grave yard as people now take photos standing besides the graveyard, as to say that AKA’s Grave is fast becoming a grave of interest, attracting other people who go there. For some people, this is the closest they can get to AKA.

Obviously people are still in disbelief that he is really gone and they will never hear new music from him again but at least they can get to see the final resting place where their hero’s remains are. The people who killed AKA are yet to be found and charged with the murder.
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