From ‘Congratulations’ to “Rest In Peace’ She dies after posting her results

Our parents warned us as kids not to brag about our future plans or successes, telling us that the world is full of bad people who would be jealous of our success.

People in some African countries practice witchcraft in an effort to sabotage the success of others. However, in today’s society, young people rarely listen to the advice of their elders.

Speaking of tragic news stories, one involving a matriculating child who was found dead shortly after sharing her results was recently shared online.

A woman named Chantelle announced her success in earning a bachelor’s degree with four distinctions via social media. She was one of the top students to receive her results early, and while most of the comments congratulated her, a few cautioned her against doing so because witches exist.

After waiting a short while, she reported that she was suffering from a severe headache.

One of her friends or sisters posted on social media the next day to say that she had died from a severe headache; many people were shocked by the news and wrote messages ranging from congratulations to “Rest in Peace;” the poor girl, who had been so hopeful about her test scores, died before she even got them.
Her story went viral, and now everyone thinks she’s been bewitched by jealous rivals because they’re convinced she’s practicing witchcraft.

As today is not the official day for the release of matriculation results, matriculants are being cautioned to be on the lookout for suspicious characters. People are so evil that there was a case reported last year of a student who received five distinctions on his matriculation statement and then went completely insane. How strongly do you feel that these events were the result of witchcraft?

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