Gospel star Lusanda Mcinga cries bankruptcy and she is asking for donations

Lusanda Mcinga”, a legend in the world of gospel music, has now spoken up about the financial struggles that have affected her. As a result of all her assets, including repossessed cars, the gospel singer is reportedly declaring bankruptcy.

The gospel singer indicated that she has been struggling financially for sometime, she says things started worsening up when the Covid 19 pandemic happened as things were not moving as the country was shutdown.

As a result of her financial difficulties, another “Mzansi “musician has turned to social media to request money. After struggling to overcome bankruptcy a little more than two years ago,” Lusanda Mcinga “has reportedly come forward to ask “Mzansi “for assistance.

Ma’am “Lusanda Mcinga “is pleading with “mzansi”, her fans and gospel music followers to bear with her and assist where they can as she says that her situation is going from bad to worse day by day as she is even loosing some of her assets.

In addition, the publication said that a family acquaintance had helped the ill and frail “Mcinga “spread the word about her financial woes.

“Lusanda Mgcinga “indicated that she is of now she does not have anything as she lost most of her stuff during Covid 19 pandemic. The gospel singer is pleading with people of “mzansi “to help her to get back on her feet so she can be able to get back at making music that heal her fans’s soul.

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