GRAPHIC IMAGES: Inside Dj Somebody’s Car, they Were All Still Wearing Seat Belts With Blood All Over

It was reported that the well-known singer Oupa John Sefoka, better known by his stage name Dj Sumbody, had passed away early on Sunday morning. DJ Sumbody was his stage name. It is thought that he was killed by gunfire; however, the specifics of the occurrence have not been revealed to the public. As a result, some people have speculated that it may have been a hit. Numerous witnesses observed that his vehicle had been shot at an excessive number of times, which is evidence that the person who did that intended to kill him. As a result of the fact that this does not in any way resemble a robbery or a hijacking, many people are making the assumption that this is a hit.



Days after his killings, photos of inside the scene are starting to trend. We all know that there are people who lack consciousness; they just take pictures of everything. This photos are very sensitive and I wouldn’t advise anyone to see them. On the photos, a DJ and his bodyguard could be seen lying on the car seats covered with blood and wounds. They are still even wearing their seatbelt with their bodies covered in blood and multiple gun wounds. It doesn’t seem like they tried to fight back; it looks like they were just caught unexpectedly and everything happened so fast that is why they were still wearing seatbelts.


These photos were shared in the comments section of the Facebook post that I’m going to share below. I couldn’t upload them here as they are because they are very sensitive and they might violate some of the platform rules. To those who want to see them, click on the link below and scroll down to the comments section, but my advice to you is to not open them.

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