Joy as couple welcomes twins after 7 miscarriages and 7 years of waiting (Photos)

Couple identified as Mrs Prince Enweremchi has taken to social media sharing their testimony as they finally welcomes twins after 7 miscarriages and 7 years of waiting. Oh! this can only be God. The final say to every matter.

Y’all can imagine the pains she’s been through losing her baby every year through miscarriages, indeed women go through Alot in quest for childbearing.

It is never easy for women most times in quest for childbearing you hear cases like ectopic pregnancy, uterine rupture, miscarriages, fibroid and some other medical situations that may lead to caesarian section.

Having your baby immediately after marriage is a great miracle that can’t be taken for granted.

Indeed the joy of every woman is her child.

The husband while sharing their testimony on social media in his words he wrote:

This God of zero hour has shown me love, seven miscarriages, seven years of waiting, God gave me double for my trouble.please join me and say Jehovah Imeela!

Congratulations to you mommy twins, your home is blessed. To all the awaiting mom’s out there get ready to carry your child.

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