He Didn’t Know That It’s His last Day, See What AKA Said On a Video Yesterday Before Dead

South Africa is turning into a scary country; people are getting killed every day, and it seems like the police are doing nothing about it. When you are a celebrity living in South Africa, you must be scared for your life because it seems like criminals are targeting celebrities who are in the music industry; they are being shot and killed. It is true when they say you must be thankful every day because you never know what the next minute holds for you. We are living in a scary society where guns seem to be dominating.

Even last night, before being killed, he posted a photo of the food he was eating at one of the famous restaurants, preparing for his gig. Unfortunately, that’s where everything took a sharp turn, and he was killed there. May his soul rest in peace with the hope that the police will do everything they can to find the perpetrators and make examples out of them. We should pray for South African celebrities.


A few days ago, we were all shocked by the death of Vusi MaR5. She was short and killed a few days after the well-known DJ was also killed. The motive for all those killings is unknown. Just when we thought we have seen enough, South Africans were left in shock last night after hearing that the famous musician AKA was shot and killed last night. It is said that he was in a restaurant having supper when heavily armed criminals came and shot him and his manager.

To some people, it still feels like a dream, but the police have confirmed that the news is real, and AKA was killed. After hearing of his death, many people rushed to his Instagram account to check what he posted, hoping that maybe there will be a sign or something that shows that he wasn’t fine or fighting with someone, but unfortunately there’s none. Yesterday during the day, AKA posted his video singing in his car, telling people that he will be performing at one of the local clubs. Little did he know that he wouldn’t make it.


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