“I am not sad about the death of AKA, he made Zinhle cry and Anele die” | People comment

It is a very sad day in South Africa as we humbly mourn the death of our remarkable artist, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes known as AKA. So many shared thoughts are circulating all over the media; these are the thoughts of his fans, colleagues and everyone who knew the talented rapper.


Everyone is still in disbelief as the family remains inconsolable of the death of this amazing superstar. Little did we know nor saw any signs of his life being taken cruelly like this. AKA never shared anything with the media with anything that has to do with his life being threatened which would have led to this excruciating moment.Whilst masses of people share their extreme sadness towards the death of AKA, a lady on Twitter by the name Somi Nduna shares she is not said at all. The lady said she is not rejoicing at all at the untimely death of AKA but she would be telling lies if she would say she is sad. Her reasons of saying this has to do with AKA hurting DJ Zinhle, his baby mama and late fiancée, Anele Tembe. This lady who left many shocked accuses AKA of making DJ Zinhle cry and Anele die in his presence.

She proceeded to say she is only sad for Kairo, AKA’s daughter, that she is about to grow fatherless but she trusts DJ Zinhle’s husband, Mordah Bongz, to play a role of being a father to her. Her last sentence was short and complete, “Life goes on”.

Below are some of the comments from the above tweet. People are unimpressed! Despite of what AKA may have done to DJ Zinhle and Anele, he did not deserve to die in this brutal manner. To say he deserved it is truly being heartless and cruel. It remains none of our business what happened between AKA, DJ Zinhle and Anele because those are their personal matter. Ours is to humbly mourn the death of our public figure


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