It was such am emotional moment when AKA’s only daughter, Kairo embraced AKA’s girlfriend, and consoled her, during the memorial service of the slain musician. Keirnan ‘AKA’ Forbes’ daughter Kairo tries hard to comfort the rapper’s distraught girlfriend Nadia Nakai and his mother Lynn Forbes. The memorial service is very much attended by the high dignitaries of South Africa, including the family of the late prolific musician. After watching the video and the emotion that followed, a popular social media influencer wrote, “Guys, is there a death that has touched us as citizens like AKA’s death? Don’t even think Mandela’s death touched us like this”. It has been tears upon tears all through the memorial service.

One of the most distraught people is DJ Zinhle, who is the mother of AKA’s daughter, Kairo. She has been posting repeatedly about the slain musician since he was murdered. However, many people are attacking her for always posting about AKA who happened to be the father of her daughter, even though she is married to another person at the time of AKA’s death.

Another social media user commented on this issue, “How sad that DJ Zinhle cannot express herself publicly because the public, sadly, will have something negative to say. She is not allowed to be sad according to the Twitter standards…how sad”. Another person posted, “Strength to DJ Zinhle, Kairo, Nadia, the Forbes family and all Kiernan fans at large. The healing journey is definitely going to be a tough one for every one of them … My heart breaks for this little one, I am not convinced that she really fully comprehends what’s happening and how her world has changed. It will come, but she’s privileged to have such a loving family”. The memorial service was great even though it was emotionally draining.

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