BUZZNPA Confirms Anele Allegations

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in South Africa has confirmed that it received a letter from the family of Anele “Nelli” Tembe, the fiancée of popular rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, claiming that AKA was responsible for her death.

Anele Tembe died on April 11, 2021, after falling from the 10th floor of a hotel in Cape Town. At the time, AKA issued a statement expressing his grief and denying any involvement in her death. He also cooperated with the police investigation and provided a statement to the authorities.

However, in the letter sent to the NPA, the Tembe family alleges that AKA was abusive towards Anele and that he had caused her death. The letter reportedly includes details of an alleged altercation between AKA and Anele on the night before her death.

The NPA has confirmed that it is in possession of the letter and is considering its contents. It has also stated that it cannot comment further on the matter at this stage, as the investigation is ongoing.

AKA has not yet responded publicly to the allegations made by the Tembe family. However, his lawyers have released a statement indicating that AKA is willing to cooperate fully with the investigation and that he is confident that the truth will be revealed.

The case has attracted significant media attention in South Africa, as both AKA and Anele were well-known public figures. Anele was the daughter of a prominent businessman and the CEO of the Durban-based company, The Foschini Group.

The circumstances surrounding Anele’s death have been the subject of speculation and rumors since the incident occurred. The release of the letter from the Tembe family has now added a new layer of complexity to the case and is likely to generate even more interest from the media and the public.

The allegations made in the letter are serious and could have significant consequences for AKA if they are found to be true. If he is found to have been responsible for Anele’s death, he could potentially face charges of murder or culpable homicide.

At this stage, it is unclear how the investigation will proceed or when the results will be made public. The NPA has not provided any indication of how long the investigation is likely to take or when charges, if any, may be laid.

In the meantime, the case remains a tragedy for all involved. Anele’s death has had a profound impact on her family, friends, and the wider community, and the investigation into her death is likely to be closely watched by many people in South Africa and beyond.

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