MaKhumalo Is Left Disappointed By MaCele & MaYeni After They Said They Will Not Attend Her Wedding

MaKhumalo Is Left Disappointed By MaCele & MaYeni After They Said They Will Not Attend Her Wedding

Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu Twitter page and dstv Mzansi Magic channel 161 latest episode





Tonight’s episode of #Uthandonesthembu was very touching. Certain decisions and family dynamics have consequences on the next generation of family members. Makhumalo was left disappointed after MaCele refused to attend her wedding. Makhumalo was naive to think MaCele genuinely liked her. MaCele just aligned with her because as wife number 3, her presence hurt MaYeni.

Makhumalo was disappointed after she has recently supported her when she had her 20th wedding anniversary. Makhumalo felt that MaCele has used her, for all those years she has been supporting her. Makhumalo have supported MaCele on her 20 years anniversary and instead of supporting her for just one event, she is bringing all kind of excuses.

MaCele’s reason:
MaCele did mention in the last episode that she is done with attending weddings. She said that she will no longer attend events that have to do with Musa Mseleku. MaCele has a problem with Musa Mseleku. Musa made agreements and promises with MaCele that when they reach 20 years, he will have 20 children’s. And when they reach 20 years of their wedding anniversary, she will be wearing the wedding gown and they will exchange rings. But that did not happen, as he failed to fulfil the promise.



Makhumalo were also disappointed that MaYeni could not make it to her event. MaYeni also said that she also cannot make it from her own reasons. Makhumalo have revealed that she is not surprised that MaYeni cannot make it to he Umembeso. Makhumalo revealed that she knows that MaYeni does not like her and that she just tolerate her. The pain was so evident on Makhumalo’s face. She was crushed by the reactions she got from MaYeni. She’s heartbroken like this because deep down She invited them hoping they will come.

MaNgwabe has honored Makhumalo’s invites. MaGwabe has proven MaCele and MaYeni wrong today. MaNgwabe is the wife who is always judged by the other two wives, yet today she has shown them she is the realest.


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