Rumours Has It That Babes Wodumo Is Now Using Mampintsha’s Social Media Which Left People Talking

Mzansi awoke to a brief video of Babes Wodumo joyfully unlocking her husband’s cellphone after he had always refused to give her the password. She now appears to be pleased that she has access to his privacy.

People were outraged by the video for a number of reasons, including the fact that her husband had just passed away and that, by tradition, she should have kept her grief private. They were also outraged by the way she reacted when she unlocked her husband’s phone, leading them to believe that she had no respect for him.


We also learned that she was able to log into Mampintsha’s social media accounts and was able to unlock his phone without his permission. Rumor has it that she intends to keep these accounts as well as her late husband’s username.

It’s well known that he may have been abusive to her on different times, but it does not give her the right to seek revenge now that he is dead, Twitter users are emphasizing, which is why she can’t let her husband rest in peace.

Others continued to blame Babes Wodumo’s behavior since her husband’s passing on her heavy drinking and drug usage, but this doesn’t change the reality that it’s odd and insulting to Mampintsha and his remaining family.

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An individual by the user name of ” Man’s Not Barry Roux ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media and captioned it.

” Babes Wodumo is now using Mampintsha’s Socials. Very soon Babes Wodumo will change Mampintsha’s username. Babes Wodumo’s behavior is a Lesson to every man. Never marry a Drunkard! ”


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