Things have not been going well with Mamphintsa’s family ever since his passing in December. His death has affected many people, even his fans and those who have worked closely with him. His death came as a shock especially because not many people expected for him to suddenly pass away, which happened after he suffered from a stroke and the following day he was declared dead. Mamphintsa has left behind his son and his wife, with whom he also worked in the industry with Babes Wodumo. Their relationship was one that was publicly known, and people were aware that things between them were not going as smoothly as with many of the married couples.


Things were also not going well between Mamphintsha’s mom and Babes Wodumo, but after the funeral, they both made peace with one another. But ever since the passing of the musician, his mom has been mourning his death, and it is said that she has not been coping well, and losing her son has already put his health at risk as someone who has been battling health issues.

And not only is she mourning the death of her son, she is also still coming to terms with the death of her husband, who passed away in 2016. It has now been reported that Mamphintsha’s mom has also been admitted to the hospital after suffering from a stroke. And it has also affected her liver illness that she has been suffering from, and because of her major health issues, the family has come out to the public asking for donations because they do not have the funds that will be able to provide her with the best health care.

The family has stated that they want financial assistance so that they will be able to transfer Mamphintsha’s mother to a private hospital.

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