Musa Hasahya, 67 years old and a resident of Uganda, has made the decision to stop producing children after having 102 of them and 568 grandkids over his lifetime. People from the general public have taken to various social media platforms, in order to voice their opinions regarding the current predicament.

It would appear that these individuals have a lot of things to say about the individual in question, as evidenced by the fact that they have posed questions such as “why did he have so many children in the first place if he knew that raising them would be a serious cost and that appears to be the case?”

It should be made abundantly clear to all of those people, who aspire to have large families that doing so comes at an enormous financial cost. This includes the cost of bringing up all of those people, which includes the cost of feeding them, clothing them, and providing some kind of shelter for them. This is something that needs to be ingrained in the minds of many polygamist individuals, who can be found across the country or the entire world.

The members of the public are the ones who are simply amazed by this man, who has managed to create this kind of Legacy for himself and give Life to. So many people when he could have easily chosen to have two children or three children just like other ordinary members of our society, who are aware that it takes a lot of money to raise children.

The public is the one who is simply amazed by this man who has managed to create this kind of Legacy for himself, and give Life to so many people.

Because bringing another human being into this world comes with the responsibility of caring for that person and nurturing them until they are ready to support themselves financially, we should all exercise extreme caution and frugality if we plan on having large families.

Because of the high cost of providing for his enormous family, the husband of 12 wives has requested that his wives practise some method of birth control so that they can contribute to the financial burden of caring for his enormous family. By any standard, that is a huge family, and we understand that this is something that many people want in their own lives; however, they are aware that it comes at a huge cost to raise such a large family. This particular family is a bit unusual when one considers the fact that the children number a hundred

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