Mzansi reacts after spotting these two men in Jacob Zuma’s alleged new restaurant in Durban

South Africa: While the country is going through one of her toughest times yet, social media platforms serve as a getaway from reoccurring problems. News of the former president Jacob Zuma is making headlines and South Africans have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts.


Yesterday, it was reported that the former president, Jacob Zuma opened a new restaurant named after him in Durban. Well, pictures of the former president in his alleged new restaurant caused a stir on social media after two strange men where spotted with the former president.


According to some social media users the restaurant will be used to clean dirty money, while others suggest that the two white men beside the former president are the actual owners of the restaurant. Here are some comments made by South Africans in reaction to the report;


Mzansi what are your thoughts concerning this case? Do you think the restaurant is just one of the former president’s alleged means of cleaning dirty money? Tell us what you think.





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