Nadia Nakai and AKA’s mother comforting each other during

Nadia Nakai is a lucky woman not everyone get this kind of support from her in-laws like she does. People were actually impressed on how AKA’s mother was showing support to Nadia Nakai yesterday at the press brief.


This is Nadia’s second family, they love her and they make sure that she has everything that she needs. Lynn Forbes loved Dj Zinhle and now she is showing much love to Nadia as well, she is a good woman. AKA was also a loving man. Now we can see where he got all the love she was giving to people all around the world.

Nadia has a great support, I think she will do well and always be close to the family. Everyone other woman in the world especially coming from Black families, they would love to get such support from their in-laws just like Nadia.

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