The Forbes family made their first public appearance since the news of Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes’ passing on 10 February 2023. They held a press briefing ahead of the memorial and funeral service, due to take place later this week.


The parents of the late rapper were praised for the immense support they showed to his then girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, at the time of his passing. They attended the media briefing with her and stayed with her throughout the the entire event, a fact that many thought would have been unlikely in a “black family” given that Nadia was not married to AKA.

Their presence was a testament to the strong bond between the family and Nadia, and to the unconditional love they had for their son.

However, it was the matter of the ongoing conspiracy theories about the events leading up to the deaths of AKA and his friend food connoisseur Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane that was important for the family to address and address the issue that they did.

AKA’s father Tony Forbes, defended Don Design.

Tony chaired the recent press conference on AKA’s death. It was the first time the family had spoken out, given the many conspiracy theories surrounding the circumstances that led to AKA’s murder.

More importantly, his friend and DJ Don Design was implicated in the death of his death and business partner. As such, it was no surprise that Tony addressed the matter head-on.

This is a he was quoted as stating: “We do not condone what is being said about AKA’s friends”.

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