Natasha Thahane & Thembinkosi Lorch ties the knot?

Over a year has passed since it was first reported that Natasha Thahane, an actress and producer, and Thembinkosi Lorch, a soccer player for the Orlando Pirates and the father of her child.

Lorch is the father of Thahane’s child. Instagram and Twitter detectives were the ones who initially confirmed the news when the two individuals shared posts of their “individual” trip to Zanzibar. However, DJ Maphorisa and social media detectives later discovered that the trips weren’t solo vacations but rather baecation trips.

Since then, the two have made it a point to ensure that every so often they throw a wrench into the works, leaving the majority of us uncertain as to whether or not the two are still dating.

Natasha Thahane speaks to the rumors of a breakup with Lorch

To add fuel to the already confusing story, Tinashe Eugene a popular Zimbabwean blogger in the South African entertainment industry broke the news that the two actually got married contrary to what people are saying that they broke up.

From following each other on social media, then unfollowing each other and deleting all of their posts that were suggestive of one another. However, they are going to continue to tell stories that make it abundantly clear that they are still a couple. For those on the outside looking in for more information on the nature of the relationship between the two media personalities, it has been a long year and some months.

Most recently, another wrench was thrown into the works when it was suggested that not only were Thahane and Lorch a thing of the past, but Lorch had moved backwards and not forwards. This was a spanner that was thrown into the works

It appears that Lorch has reconciled with his former partner.

Few days ago, there was talk that Thembinkosi Lorch had broken up with Natasha Thahane and that she had joined the “Single Mother Club” as a result. However, the controversy surrounding this issue was recently fueled even further when a Twitter account took to the blue app to suggest that the reason that Lorch broke up was so that the Orlando Pirates soccer player could get back together with his ex-girlfriend


On the other hand, all that was required was a quick scroll down through the comments section of the post. Putting two and two together to get four, which leads us to the realization that it might be just about time for us to drink some water and mind our own business with regard to this matter.

This can be deduced from the fact that the most recent picture that Lorch has uploaded was taken in Thahane’s home, as the staircase in that picture is identical to the one that is featured in her profile picture on Instagram. But Thahane has recently dropped a few hints that suggest perhaps we shouldn’t meddle in the things that are none of our business.

Natasha Thahane speaks to the rumors of a breakup with Lorch

Since a long time ago, Natasha Thahane has been using the videos she posts to her TikTok account as a method for covertly responding to rumors and speculations that involve her name. As a result, it gave the impression that she was fully aware of the persistent rumors concerning the question of whether or not she and Thembinkosi Lorch are still together.

Natasha Thahane speaks to the rumors of a breakup with Lorch

As a result, she uploaded the hilarious TikTok video that discussed the importance of adhering to the traditions of the family into which you have married as the new wife and daughter of your husband’s family, even if those traditions involve witchcraft. A joke, we hope. The message that she is still a young woman who is still very much in a private relationship where the issues of her household and relationship are hers and her partners’ is unmistakable, but it is clear that she is still in this relationship at this time.

Are the two of them already engaged?
After that, Thahane went on to share on her Instagram stories the victory lap that Orlando Pirates are taking after their recent win against Sundowns with a score of 0 to 3. This was done to ensure that her point was communicated effectively.


Have a Look at Thembinkosi Lorch’s Residence.

Have a Look at Thembinkosi Lorch’s Residence.

There is a good argument to be made that Thembinkosi Lorch is one of the best football players in South Africa. In 2019, the left winger for Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates was honored with the title of South African Player of the Season.

The talented footballer is also one of the best footballers in the country, making him one of the top footballers in the country who knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. Fortunately for him, he is able to pay for them.

Thembinkosi Lorch’s house, the woman in his life, and the salary and net worth that allow him to live such a comfortable life are all detailed in this article for your perusal.

It is safe to say that very little of the information that Lorch does not wish for the general public to be aware of ever makes its way into the public domain. Lorch is one of those celebrities who has mastered the art of keeping their personal lives and the specifics of those lives hidden from the public.

The rooms in Thembinkosi Lorch’s home have been given a touch of sophistication and elegance thanks to the tasteful painting and light-colored furniture that fills the space. White executive leather couches are one example of this type of furniture.

The football superstar has devoted a wall in one of the rooms to displaying his sports memorabilia, which includes photos of some of his most memorable moments on the field as well as his sports jerseys.

The annual income and total assets held by Thembinkosi Lorch

According to rumors, Thembikinosi Lorch, who plays forward for Orlando Pirates, rakes in a hefty monthly salary of R165,000 from the club, which works out to approximately R1.98 million per year. This information is supposedly accurate as of the year 2022.

Thembinkosi Lorch, who is one of the top ten highest-paid footballers by the club, has a net worth of approximately R15 million. Because of this, he is easily able to afford an opulent lifestyle that includes living in an expensive house and driving sleek cars.


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