Nhlanhla Lux blames EFF after his home got hit with 2 bombs (Video)

Nhlanhla Lux’s house bombed

Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini reported on Twitted that his home in Soweto got hit with two bombs on Monday morning.

“My house just got hit with two bombs, all my neighbour’s windows are shattered imagine my house. We beat the EFF at their own game on the streets by defending Soweto brilliantly with the all law enforcement on our side. So they bomb & kill my entire family because they lost,” he tweeted.

The leader of the Soweto Parliament says the attack was done during the national shutdown which is organised by the EFF political party.

Lux further blames EFF, as he believes they are behind the attack.


Nhlanhla Lux house is situated in Pimville – Pimville is Soweto’s richest township. A standard house in Pimville costs around R1million In Pimville you will find: Maponya Mall, Konka and a golf country club.

Meanwhile, some social media users mocked his report about the bomb.


Don’t listen to this Lux boy. He is part of the problem. He is well positioned and he doesn’t care about the interests of black people. He’s lying about his house being boobed. Imagine lying about your entire family being killed while they are alive. Nhlanhla Lux is sick,” a tweep wrote.



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