Sophie Ndaba’s ex-husband becomes a pastor

Sophie Ndaba’s former husband dumps business to heed pastoral calling

Sophie Ndaba’s former husband, Max Lichaba leaves his business to accept pastoral calling.

According to TshishaLive, the businessman resigned as the MD of popular chesa nyama Kwa Lichaba Lounge

I decided to resign principally because of the decision to follow my calling of being a pastor,” he said.

The Lichaba family will continue to manage the business while he begins his pastoral journey in the coming months at Nation Hope Ministries in the East Rand, Johannesburg.

“I will not have shares in the business and I’m parting ways with the brand. I have left it to the family to run. It remains a family legacy regardless of my involvement as the business employs more than 30 family members. They are trained and capable of running it in my absence,” he told TshisaLIVE.

“I have been avoiding the calling and even started alcohol businesses. The calling has been heavy and those close to me always knew. It’s now time for it’s manifestation.

“I have been planning to resign for a while and the Bible says you cannot serve two masters so I had to choose one and follow what God has called me for.”

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