PitBull Federation calls for stricter regulations around breeding of the dog

File Photo: A pitbull dog can be seen in a yard.

Image: Tshepiso Moche

File Photo: A pitbull dog can be seen in a yard.

The PitBull Federation of South Africa is calling for stricter regulations around the breeding of the dog in the country.

This comes as calls intensify to ban the breed from being a domestic pet after the latest mauling claimed the life of an 8-year-old boy in Bloemfontein.

Spokesperson for the Federation Lehanda Rheeder says while they do sympathise with the family, the entire breed cannot be stereotyped and punished.

She says the influx of dog fighting rings and improper breeding, coupled with bad ownership all contribute to the recent aggressive attacks.

“At the moment we only have the laws that govern in the instances of pitbull bites or if there is a mauling or a death. Then we have laws that govern that situation which make criminal case. But in terms of owning a power breed and breeding such dogs, there is no legislation and that is one of the things that the Pitbull Dederation is trying to push at government level,” adds Rheeder.

Below is the full interview with Lehanda Rheeder:

Calls for castration and sterilisation of all pitbull dogs

The Sizwe Kupelo Foundation is calling for the castration and sterilisation of all pitbull dogs in the country.

This is to prevent the future existence of what it calls the vicious breed.

The infographic below highlights some of the countries where restrictions and laws have been placed on aggressive dogs

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