Pitbulls lands etvScandal! Actor Romeo in trouble.

Pitbulls lands etvScandal! Actor Romeo in trouble. Stories of Pitbulls killing children have shocked social media. Just recently, a 8-year-old child from Vista Park, Bloemfontein got killed by his neighbour’s Pitbull. Calls for these dangerous dogs to be banned have risen but the former Scandal! actor is opposing this decision and puts the blame on the owners and not necessarily the dog.
Pitbulls lands etvScandal! actor Romeo in trouble.

In a series of tweets, Hungani said Pitbulls are not dangerous. “Pit bulls aren’t inherently dangerous dogs. The owner is responsible for how he/she moulds the dog. Y’all wanna ban Pit Bulls but keep Rottweilers, Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, the list goes on! It’s not the dog! It’s the owner!!!”

“This pit bull situation is like blaming fast cars for people being involved in accidents instead of blaming the driver!!! You can’t drive 300km per hr then jiki jiki you’re in an accident and we must blame the car it’s the owner, not the dog! This pit bull situation is like blaming alcohol for the drunk drivers on the street instead of the drinker/driver. The problem is the owner, not the dog!”

Mzansi dragged the actor who ended up deleting his tweets.

“Does this mean everything we saw on TV about you, was definitely scripted? It wasn’t you who had those amazing thoughts? So this is the real you, this is exactly how you think?”

“Wait baby, they put you on Scandal with THIS type of thinking? Pitbulls are murdering children and THIS is what you have to say? Stick to being an entertainer sana, thinking isn’t for you

Defending animals when kids are getting mauled is nuts. If dogs even look at my yout wrong I’m on them.”

“Hebana! Gatsheni if its the owner and not the dog uOwner ulume bani has it been owners biting people? a car has a human behind it but a dog is a being with its own instincts and motivations.”


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