RIP: Another SA popular musician was murdered| Look what happened to him that caused a stir online

South Africa has lost another popular musician, and they are all heartbroken. According to the information given in the report, DJ Sumbody, whose real name is Oupa John Sefoka, was allegedly shot to death along with his bodyguards. The sources say he was heading to play somewhere from the newscafé Woodmead.

DJ Sumbody, a South African disc jockey and producer, was born in the 1960s as Oupa John Sefoka. He just so happened to have discovered his calling early and slogged straight into the music industry.


DJ Sumbody has other plans and a strong belief in the call of music on his life, even though his parents would have preferred that he finish his university studies. He gave up his studies and dedicated himself to music. The Pretoria-born musician has had early success as a result. His name is currently indisputable when it comes to Mzansi musicians who are successful in both music and business.

This is the Place where DJ Sumbody was murdered.

After many people heard about his death, they started to comment and say that when they say Woodmead News Cafe is dangerous, some say they are jealous, and a lot has been targeted from that spot. Always, something happens the following day. Rapes, kidnappings, spiked drinks, and a lot of other crimes cause the police to turn a blind eye to the matter. People who know the place where DJ Sumbody was killed say that a lot of deaths happened at that place, and criminals are always getting away with the crimes they commit.

The confirmation letter that shows that DJ Sumbody was killed.

According to the news on social media, the police are still doing their investigation about this scene, and they have promised the families of the victims that they will apprehend the suspects who did this crime. Please follow my page for more of the latest news. Please leave a comment and share this article.

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