Skeem Saam actor Leeto Maputla involved in sad car accident

Eric Macheru, who plays Leeto Maputla on the popular SABC 1 drama series Skeem Saam, was in a car accident not long ago. The incident occurred not long ago.

An individual on Twitter by the name of Refilwe Maleka made the accusation that the actor was drinking and driving at the time of the incident that resulted in the accident. She stated that Macheru had hit another vehicle and attempted to depart the site of the accident after the collision. It appears that he hit her car while he was backing up, which resulted in more damage.

The Twitter user went on to reveal that she was travelling with her twin infants, who were just six months old at the time, but fortunately, neither of them was hurt. Refilwe uploaded footage on social media showing the crash site, in which her Mazda and Macheru’s automobile were both damaged.


before the cops arrived “tweeted using handle: @The RefRee

Her assertion is that the actor did not collaborate with the insurance firm she works with. She claims that she was required to pay for the damages, despite the fact that the actor has not taken any action. It seems that Macheru’s car sustained significant damage, and he does not have insurance on it.

After MaCele revealed this in #Uthandonesthembu, many people in South Africa were disappointed
20 hours ago
This is not the only incident involving a celebrity that has occurred in recent times. Mpura, Killer Kau, DJ TD, and Thando Tot were all outstanding musicians who passed away recently, and they were all lost to the Amapiano industry. The musicians were on their way to perform at a venue in Rutenburg when their vehicle was involved in a collision with the vehicle of another man who was a firefighter.

“It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of the passing of three people who were associated with the Soweto-based record label SMEA, which was an influential record label. The band was on their way to play a show in Rustenburg, and there were other musicians in the car with them. Killer Kau, a hitman and a co-pioneer of the Amapiano culture, was a participant in this tragic incident. Thando Tot was his DJ, and TD was the official road manager for SMEA. Mpura Mpura was an artist, and The Voice was Mpura’s DJ. There was also one other female “.

Additionally, it was stated not too long ago that Zuma and Reece Madlisa were engaged in a car accident. Their followers were anxious as a result of this, but the duo’s manager, Archie Basile, stated unequivocally to the Daily Sun that the artists were not in the vehicle at the time of the collision. It was their driver who was in the car when the accident took place, and thank goodness he is okay and was able to walk away from it without any injuries.

“The accident involved our bus, not us personally. The driver was the only person in the vehicle, but he walked away unscathed. Both Reece and Zuma were absent from the vehicle. When the accident occurred, he had just stepped out of his house on his way to come and get us. “I realise people are anxious, but we are all well, no one was wounded,” Basile stated in the message. “I apologise for any concern this may have caused.

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