Zodwa reveals why she was kneeling to Cassper Nyovest

She embodies the essence of a Zulu woman.

A image that recently went viral showing dancer Zodwa Wabantu bending down to greet rapper Cassper Nyovest has prompted her to comment on the matter.

Zodwa Wabantu made her way to Menlyn in Pretoria in preparation for the performance that was scheduled for her there. Additionally, it was planned for Makhadzi and Nyovest to perform during the evening.


Zodwa, who was wearing a little bra, a see-through skirt that showed off her big things, and black thongs, knelt down to where Nyovest was standing, bowed her head in respect, and then put out her hand to shake hands with the rapper.

Zodwa reveals why she was kneeling to Cassper Nyovest

The fact that Nyovest was grinning and holding his chest out as a sign of mutual respect for Zodwa reveals that he was visibly moved and humbled by the performance.

The following is what Zodwa titled the image:

Before the seductive dancer took the stage, the Siyathandana hitmaker arrived at the site in his white Bentley. She had already arrived at the event. After that, Zodwa made a beeline to meet and greet Nyovest, who was performing on stage while dressed head to toe in white.

She mentioned to TimesLIVE that in order to commemorate their time spent together, they sat at the same table and snapped pictures. She went on to say that she kneeled for Nyovest because he has treated her with respect ever since the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry.

“Ever since I was Zodwa Wabantu, he has always been a really cool guy. I am treated with the same level of respect, and I am greeted in the same manner. I am met with the same attitude. Even if we are not sitting at the same table, he cannot get the better of you. He gets up from his seat to come and shake my hand and greet me. The last time we were both scheduled to be in Durban at the same time, we flew on the same plane. When it comes to our jobs, we’ve always maintained a laid-back attitude.

Cassper Nyovest’s work ethic and drive are two qualities that Zodwa admires greatly, and she does not hesitate to rave about them:

“He pursues his goals and ambitions. He is the creator of novel fashions and enterprises. As a musician, he does not put any stock in having a hit song or relying on his brand. As a go-getter, he is involved in a number of different businesses and activities. He was born on the street, and he is very much in the same boat that I am. That’s probably why we can communicate with one another.”


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