The 80 years old Grandmother lost R61 000 to Scammers.

An old woman (80) by the name of Annah Kekana lost her R61 000 from scammers. She is currently staying in North West where this robbery happened.

She revealed that she was all alone when this happened to her. The time was 3 pm so she heard her name called by unknown people. She had to rush to the gate and check what is happening.

She arrived at the gate and met these robbers who told her that they are coming from Eskom to check something in her box. She opened the gate for them to enter without realising that they were not working for Eskom.


The Old lady continue by saying that she has never received any visit from Eskom which is why she did not know whether they are Eskom workers or scammers.
They were carrying a black and yellow bag and entered to do their checks. The old lady thought these people were sent to her by her 35 years old daughter.

When she entered the house she was attacked by the other one and almost died because she was unable to breathe. They demanded money immediately and they promised to kill her.

Annah Kekana (80) from Ramogodi Village in North West was robbed of almost R61 000 on Wednesday, 14 December by two criminals at her home who struggled and beaten her on the mouth by thugs. Photo by Raymond Morare

But because she was scared of death, she gave them her pension money including the church money and her husband’s pension money.



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