While in most missing cases, there is some hope that the person will find there way home. In this case, that may not be likely. That’s because the person missing is only two years old. Here are all the details as well as my opinion on the situation.

A number of different emergency and search and rescue teams were on site yesterday after a toddler went missing. The child was missing from approximately seven AM and teams were both on the ground and in the sky’s by helicopter in Glendale.

Unfortunately the teams had to stand down in the evening after extensive searches but we’re planning to continue today. SAPS Detectives stayed on the scene to further investigate the circumstances behind the child’s disappearances.

Local farmers were also commended for helping out in the search by searching through their farms and setting up drones.

Unfortunately two year old children may not have the ability to find their way home or navigate through bush’s and forests which is why I hope this child is found as soon as possible.

I think South Africans should take this as a warning that anyone can go missing and keep a closer eye on their children.

If your child is going out to play, especially if they are this young, make sure that there is someone older with them. Also have set times for them to go out and to return home.

If you live in a large area with a lot of people that can help your child get home, consider putting a bracelet around their wrist or a chain around their neck with your families phone numbers and addresses.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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