The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering about what will happen to the people that are involved in Kiernan Jarryd Forbes’s . AKA who was known as the best South African hip a day before he his gig in KwaZulu-Natal Durban.


This is because on Friday the 11th of February AKA and his friends were celebrating their success not knowing that AKA’s dath will be predicted at that moment. The people of South Africa are also unhappy with AKA sharing his location before his g happened as it sounds like they were ready to end his life.

Many questions are been asked on why AKA was and not the rest of his family as it sounds like an inside job. One of the AKA friends might have sold him after he allegedly failed to do something for them. A recent man on Twitter claims a close friend of Kiernan Jarryd Forbes might have been paid R5 Million to locate AKA the death of the serial

Don design who is making rounds to be a man involved in his close friend AKA been disguised as the number one suspect on Twitter. Could he be the one that located the hitman AKA location?

AKA has left his four daughters and his unborn child with Nadia Nakai who is alleged to be pregnant. This comes after her bump was predicted and started to show a few weeks before his death could be named. The South African side has lost a big icon and legend in the music hip hop industry.

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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